Stephane Rolland : Haute Couture SS2011

Architectural Dreams

Stephane Rolland’s show is very special to me because it is the first show where I got an official invitation as Monsieur Yavidan… but what I can tell you is that invitation brought me a huge amount of luck. Stephane Rolland’s creations are simply extraordinaire, wanting to give a postive message and good energy through his designs and colors he inspired himself in many things (Architecture designs by Zaha Hadid who was there in person, Edward Weston photographies, spirituality, an indian summer and even Ghandi) with that we can understand the richness and originality of his work. The designs where complemented by glass accessories made by one of the best artisans in France, that gave the final touch to these sculptural dresses. Stephane’s clients are so loyal they will fly from the other side of the world to see this creations, I would to!. A special thanks to Anne Sophie Barbe for the invitation.  This post is dedicated to her and my new friends Rosario & Ana.

Get inspired from the world around you and create your unique vision to share with the world.



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