Paris Fashion Week : Accessories

“Le Bon Dieu est dans le détail”

“Le Bon Dieu est dans le Détail” is the original phrase behindThe Devil is in the Details, which basically means it is important to always look at details, in fashion and in photography this phrase can’t be more than true not to say in life itself, not to obsess on them but keep awake. The picture of the green jacket with the green bag taken las October has inspired to look for unique details rather than always looking for a larger typical frame, I look for hands with rings and bags, combinations of colors, something unique.The first picture really stroke me, I followed this man from one fashion show to another to take this picture, but it is more than worthwhile because if even when you plan such a picture you might not get it. The others where sporadical moments I took on different shows. It is really exciting outside the shows because people get really creative, so if you look well you have some excellent frames.

It is true it is not good to obsess on details, but it is also true that if you don’t look closely you might miss out on important insights and opportunities, so make it a habit to look a little beyond the common frame, you light be surprised of what you will find and see.



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