Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture

The Sexy side of Couture

This past Fashion week I had the opportunity to discover new designers among them there is Alexandre Vauthier a mix of 7o’s glamour, rock and old hollywood make up, a really sexy collection that goes out of the frame of the regular Haute Couture collections I have seen this week, no wonder Rihanna has chosen many of his designs to her concerts of special events. He launched his first collection on January 20th 2009, just as a little not I think January 20th is a lucky day is when I met Jean Paul Gaultier but in 2011 (yes I know, by now you must think I am obsessed with him!!). Alexandre’s collection was a very nice surprise and a pleasure to shoot with the lighting and the effect of the mirror it was just perfect, even though where I was it was not easy to manage full body pictures I got good frames, which permit me to go out from the regular fashion pictures. If you want more information on the designer please visit his site. Today I don’t have an inspiring though to share but I leave you with this phrase :

The greatest achievement was at first, and for a time, but a dream.” —Napoleon Hill



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