A moment without time

What year is it?

Today is my birthday, we better not talk about age!, this day of the year I can’t really help to think about time, where I am, where I was this year and of course where am I going, so, inspired on that I thought of the concept of “timeless” those moments that have no time, you can’t really say what year it was, like these photos can you really know which year was it?, maybe 1951 not 2011, they are a mix of the pictures I have taken since I started with this fashionable adventure last october. The first pictures are from this week, the first one is the Dior model that came out with make up from the show, reminding me to the images of Irving Penn with a touch of Fellini. Salma Hayek’s picture with her husband François Pinault is special for me not only because she is mexican but because that day I took it was s the day everything started and in some way besides the Dita Von Teese‘s  picture (the one just after)  my purpose was born “capturing extraordinary moments”. picture was an accident and a surprise it was the first show I attended I did not know how to use the camera of my friend and much less in the dark!!! so at first this picture was all black until I uncovered it on photoshop, what a wonderful accident not even asking Dita to pose I would have that picture. It is my favorite picture I have it framed at home. Lastly the man in the hat is a new friend I met in Fashion Week, he always wears that hat, inspired in last century fashion and it his trade mark, I think I would not recognize him without it!, it is part of him (Hi JP). I dedicate this post to all my friends, who make my life extraordinaire.

Make the best to create a life with extraordinary moments, write them down, take pictures, record them, share them, these are the moments that make your life special and when you look back you feel satisfied and happy.



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