Paris Men’s Fashion Week FW 2011/12, the show outside the show

Outside Jean Paul Gaultier

The Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show was my first men’s fashion show ever, it was a great discovery for me, I am used to seeing more women than men getting dressed up and making a statement, as I arrived I could not help to notice each style, specially the one of men. The boy with the long hair stroke my sight with his old gentleman look of the 19th century with his satin bow, maybe he could be a character of a Jane Austin movie. It is here where I first met my favorite duo Luiz Fernando & Pierre, the most creative fashionistas I have met, every show they have invented a crazy look, all home made.

Beauty, creativity and character where present this gave a certain surreal feeling to the moment, a moment filled with contrasts. The asian girl with her unique timeless look that makes a contrast with all the men, Julien this boy that is for me is a definition of graceful style with his elegant fur and creative accessories this emerging stylist is a talent to watch. The stylish duo of the girl with the camel fur (Carole Touati) and the tall man (Igor Sado) the founders of the site Le Look, the white belt that comes from barbarian times, the red hair duo that you can’t be sure if they are girls or boys and at the end this strong man that look that he came out of the Braveheart Movie, they are all fans of Jean Paul Gaultier and hope to get in through their style, and some do. It is a fact that the experience one gets outside the fashion show it can get as exciting as the show inside, and above all a great source of inspiration.



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