A lesson from Karl Lagerfeld

How to arrive to your Fashion Show

The more I blog, the more pictures I take the more I love to tell a story. As I approached Suzy Menkes last week she immediately asked me, who are you? with all right, of course more than my name she wanted to know what do I do, or what do I pretend, I think I don’t have an exact answer, I am a storyteller that loves to get the images to tell the story of fashion, not only clothes or brands but what goes on around it. This post is an example, as I like to go inside the shows I love to be outside an be a paparazzi because there you can find moments like this, the arrival of Karl Lagerfeld to his Chanel Haute Couture Show, half an hour before the show started. He arrives on what I call the “Karlmobil” (Like Batman) a Rolls Royce Phantom, the colors of the car are the colors he now uses most Navy and white (before it was black and white and he had a black Hummer), he descends with coolnes and indifference to all the frenzy and his expression does not change in all the process, he is simply cool. I have to accept that he was very cold but after seeing him talk about his collection and this video, the more  I start to be fund of him. Philosphy apart it made me think of the future, when I am famous will I have to have a purple Alfa Romeo with violets all around to arrive in style?….mmm

I love to dream a little about the future. Dream with me.



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