Haute Couture SS 2011

The Grand Finale

On Aura Tout Vu

Franck Sorbier

Elie Saab

Tim Blanks

Dancer of the Crazy Horse

Can Can

Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture

The master & his muse

Today is the last day of SS Haute Couture week in Paris, I have seen so many wonderful things that I have to take time to find the words to describe them and chose the right images to illustrate them, I am excited of what is coming. Today was an amazing day I started with a very original show On Aura Out Vu , a fascinating discovery filled with creativity and surprises (I will give you all the details, you will love their things), the theme of the show was Angels and Daemons. Then the theatrical Franck  Sorbier (A special thanks to Stephanie from the German Press that passed me her invitation) , who offered his attendees a unique experience at the Sotheby’s auction house at Paris. I thought that would be my last show, but I decided to go to Elie Saab and I am so glad I did, because more than entering the show I met amazing Tiana a very talented filmaker from Vientam that is finishing a movie to present in Cannes, simply an amazing woman, we went to Elie Saab where I helped her interview one of the most respected fashion journalists Tim Blanks (Coeditor of Style.com), who was really, really nice and mentioned his favorite show was Chanel among other things, when the interview is ready  I will post it here. Tiana is my angel of the day she helped me go to Jean Paul Gaultier (a real mission impossible), the most beautiful, elegant collection, watching each dress was like eating a part of a delicious cake, I did not want it to finish it, I wanted to savor it, I was in the best spot just in front the photographers, I will share all the details and those very special images very soon. A special thanks to Morgan the photographer of the Herald Tribune that provides some of the images Suzy Menkes uses that helped me set my camera to take the best images. I am sad is over  and I am excited of what is coming, as for which collection I liked best, I can only make  the face Tim Blanks made when we asked him this question, I don’t know, I have my favorite yes but I bow for the creativity of all, they are all amazing. Thank you for sharing it with the world.

This post is dedicated to everybody that made all this possible.



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