Lanvin Men’s Collection : Reinterpreting Classics

Desire & Emotion

One image to define a the new Classic

The 21st Century Dandy

One hat, no words

A redefined jacket

An orange accent

“Un Mec comme une femme a different facettes,et j’ai crée un look pour chaque une”, Alber Elbaz

As reporters asked Albert to define the collection he kept using two phrases “It is about Desire and Emotion” and  “I am trying to reinvent classics” . Indeed this collection of Lanvin goes around those phrases,they are giving a new definition to classics more than causing a revolution it would be an elegant modern evolution. There is no mono style in the collection it is an interpretation of the new response to the different faces of a man (just like a woman), from casual daywear to elegant more high end nightwear. Defined by the material, color and shape this Lanvin man will be remarked. As I spoke with a dear friend we spoke of the fact that the Dandy is back, the 21st century Dandy is being defined,  Alber Elbaz and Luca are setting the bar for this new definition.As I was taking the after show pictures I listened carefully to Alber’s description of the collection, it was so exciting and inspiring, see how a creative person has so well defined what he has created and the passion he feels for it. You get even more excited because you understand were everything comes from. Albert Elbaz has won place just beside Jean Paul Gaultier in my heart.

Here are some moments of the After Show.


Everybody wants a little time with Albert

A sweet moment

That signature Elbaz Smile

I am not the only stalker with photos :))

Legend says Albert does not like socks…:)

A little moment with Albert

As Paris Men’s fashion week comes to an end, I feel a little tired but more than anything excited, I can say it has been Extraordinaire, amazing encounters, serendipity, pictures and so much more than I could have imagined. As the week passed I asked myself what kind of blog I want to do, what can I contribute differently from other blogs to you and to fashion, there are so many, and as I got closer to scene, the designers and everything I noticed I look for moments, I want to share moments through images, not only a nice look or nice outfit many do that amazingly well, I want to transport you to the second I took the picture, the emotion that is around the moment, and in some way create pictures like painting that may be looked at 50 years from now and describe this time we are leaving in fashion (its designs, its designers), like those pictures we see of Coco Chanel and Christian Dior in their prime times. Also I want to immortalize shoes, as people are taking pictures of outfits my eyes are on the floor looking for that perfect shoe to seize a unique moment. Great shoes are coming to the blog!

Anyway this fashionable adventure continues and it will get better, tomorrow Haute Couture Show start and believe me you are in for a great ride.

Thank you for sharing this adventure with me.

Have an amazing week.


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