A Day in Images

Maestro Karl Lagerfeld

Check out the gloves

Suzy Menkes Business Card

Luiz & the home made hat lamp

Ann Demeulemeester FW 2011/12 men’s show

Ann Demeulemeester

Shoes of the Day : Yves Saint Laurent

Dior, patent leather shoes

Puff Dady at Dior

One of my favorite photographers : James Bort

I will enter next time

Today I decided to make a mixed post because I lived so many thing I can’t just put one theme or thing, yet it was a very nice day with unexpected surprises, that is why I named today’s post Serendipity which according to Webster’s dictionary is “the effect by which one accidentally stumbles upon something fortunate, especially while looking for something entirely unrelated”.

To resume the day, I stumbled by accident with Karl Lagerfeld when he arrived to the Christian Dior Show and got a very nice shot, something I have been wanting for a while,  he does look like the photos. The star of my day was being able to talk to Suzy Menkes my favorite fashion journalist to give her to her hand a project I have created some time ago and having a few moments with her, a big thank you to Suzy for giving me a moment and taking my project. The other bum was getting in by accident again to the Ann Demeulemeester FW 2011/12 men’s show which was absolutely amazing, the way she constructs the clothing, the accents and colors I felt I was in another world (I will make a post just for her with more pictures) you will see what I mean. The look of the day goes again to Luiz Fernando Barreto with his amazing hat made out of an old lamp, his creativity has no limits, I think  he will be big in fashion someday and these are the first pictures, I love this picture particularly because of the reflection in the hat, it has that double effect. The nice coincidence of the day was coinciding by accident with James Bort at the metro who I saw in the Kenzo show and took a picture from a distance, I really admire his work and as I imagined he is a very nice person. And lastly I got some super shots of my favorite darlings, shoes!  and the one and only Puff Daddy, that arrived to the show when it already started….

So yes it was a beautiful, full day. I l leave you with the phrase of the day.

Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity

Be prepared to be lucky, work hard and look at opportunities straight in the eye, it will invite Serendipity right into your life!

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