Walter Van Beirendonck : Pure Color


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As you see the collection of  Walter Van Beirendonck (Not a name easy to remember but worth keeping in mind) you feel a certain joy and liberty going the other way of the common trend of black, grey and other colors that are a declination of the season, you perceive a space for creativity enhanced by color, classic suits with an extraordinary touch of color, a good way to experiment with day to day dressing, a way to express one’s mood. It was a pleasure to watch and a fun, innovative proposal for the next season.

This is my second menswear show ever, I have to give special thanks to Karim from Totem Fashion who accepted my request for an invitation, he sent me several invitations and this one caught eye because of the theme “Hand on Heart” (Inspired on Shamanism, according to the text given at the show written by Tim Blanks) , by now you may know I am little philosophical so I can say this, happiness in life comes by following one’s heart and when we put our hand in our heart we are willing to listen, and just this gets us closer to what we truly want, so it is not a bad idea, philosophy apart it could not fit better on where I am right now :).

This is the invitation :

This two men caught me attention among everyone, their beards, their way of dressing and that sweet look where impossible to miss, plus the beards had the look of the designer, it really was a touching fashion moment, authenticity and style have no age.

I don’t usually put pictures of myself just when it is very special, this was my first, first row I have to document it !..

I leave you with this one line :

Put your hand in your heart, listen carefully and just follow the instructions.

Caution : You may lead an amazing life!



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