Milan Fashion Week FW 2011-2012

GUCCI on to

Yes, you have guessed right my choice of best collection is Gucci, my criteria : if I was a guy what would I wear ? What I would like my man to wear?… Sleek, sexy, elegant and that retro modern touch are irresistible to me. The cuts and sober colors make perfect match not to mention the accessories that match the clothes, more and more we see in this fashion week the augmentation on the use of bags, weather we can call the “hand bags”, cluthches or chic cases for Ipads or computers, male bags are more than in!. Even though I see a lot of Tom Ford (Legendary collection 1995) i give a big bravo for Frida Giannini, she has created the ideal Gucci Man.



Jhon Varavatos is a new discovery for me ( I am really new to men’s fashion). I loved the look of the sophisticated traveler, the earth colors, burgundys and greys give a unique bohemian look to the collection, yet the cuts and combinations keep the total look elegant and sophisticated. I would call the Varavatos man, Bohemian Sophisticato!! lol! (another invented word).




At first I had to say I did not like Westwood’s collection, the lipstick stroke me  but as I looked closely I loved certain looks, and I agree this for more daring guys, it is a little extravagant yet it keeps its elegance.  Love the combination.



Dolce & Gabbana


Burberry Prosum

Costume National

Vivienne Westwood

Costume National

A recurring color besides black and grey were orange and blue, Orange caught my attention for the different ways it was used and the frequency, I am glad to see happier color on winter.

This coming winter season announces a chic happy FW 2011-2012

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