Best dressed men : 2010

My favorite Fashionistos

TOM FORD : The Impeccable

MARK RONSON : Retro Cool

BRAD PITT : Star Style

JUDE LAW : The t-shirt & the Suit

Look at the flip-flops! Even like that he has style…

LUIS & RAFAEL MEDINA : For the joy

Pure Elegance

LAPO ELKANN : Over the top

RYAN REYNOLDS : The Sexiest Man alive


GASPARD ULLIEL, Canadian chic


Now is turn of the gentlemen, they too have earned their style award, I think I got a little carried away with too many pictures but there is a double bonus, handsome guys in nice clothes…. As for the ladies I took into account how this men use their clothes to accentuate that charm & personality. Going from Tom Ford the irreproachable Dandy that looks impeccable no matter what he wears, but always with such an elegance and grace. On second placeI have included Mark Ronson the producer of Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse, he really makes this retro look so 21st century and with that good boy face it is just perfect! he will deffinately find Someone to love him. Then, we have our celebrities, that are veterans at this: Brad Pitt and Jude Law, each one with their unique touch, taking suits to new levels with t shirts, scarves or vests, they really have found a trademark style of their own. Bryan Raynolds, this years’ People’s magazine sexiest man alive! has made a place of his own with his clean dandy/preppy style that embodies perfectly the american chic. Who for me are the Sexiest men alive?…, the Medina brothers sons of famous socialite Naty Abascal, always have that classy timeless touch. Lapo Elkann is the one that takes men’s fashion into new dimensions with his flamboyant colors and cuts, he is in a way a Lady Gaga in the men’s world.  And last but not leastI give a hint of those who have the potential of big style: Gaspard Ulliel the star of the last commercial of Chanel’s fragrance directed by Martin Scorcese and the world’s sexiest vampire, Robert Pattison.

May the world be filled with stylish handsome men :).

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