2011 Fashion awards: Women

2011 Fashion Queens

ANNA DELLO RUSSO : Queen of Fashion Editors

Lady GAGA: Queen of Pop Stars

DITA VON TEESE : Queen of Glamour

VICTORIA BECKHAM: Queen of Fashion Victims

OLIVIA PALERMO: Queen of Socialites

For me fashion is a creative outlet to express one self and the women I chose for the first ever Violeta Purple Awards are here because each one of them in their one way use fashion to affirm their personality more than just wearing nice designer clothes that look nice on them, they spice them up with creativity and the most important fashionable item every season until you die : PERSONALITY. Anna Dello Russo the editor of Vogue Japan was my first choice because when I saw her last season at Paris during FW she really impressed me, the way she combined everything and got away with it, if you have access to the best clothes why not make the best of it. Lady Gaga simply is one of a kind using clothes as the ultimate outlet of self expression. Dita is my personal favorite, her class and authentic touch is to admire but I will make a post on her to go on detail, we have a lot to learn from this woman. Victoria Beckham, yes she is a fashion victim at least for me, but she pulls it off perfectly, no mistakes, she has the look, the hair, the bag, the body, the shoes and yes the husband, I mean you can’t go wrong. And last but not least Mrs. Olivia Palermo naturally graceful, looks like a model has that Audrey Hepburn timeless allure, pure elegantchic (yes I just invented that :).

What can I say, if you have something to learn from all of them: use clothes that represent and enhance the amazing YOU.

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