Haute Couture Shoes, Patricia Rosales

Shoes with Soul






Hello :), I apologize for my disappearance this past weeks but I am back and inspired to share with you beautiful things. I start with Patricia Rosales shoes,  I discovered them this morning and I was so excited not only because of the amazing styles but mostly to see young talented designers get out there and make their dreams come true, which is double inspiration.
Patricia’s shoes have captivated several celebrities like Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Paulina Rubio and world wide socialites in Europe, the Middle East and Russia. The secret is not only in the design but in the fabrication, the Haute Couture collection is custom made using the latest technologies, the measurements of the clients is transmitted to the computer to create an exact 3D model of the feet to have taylor made patterns, besides that the client chooses the fabrics and can ad special details like their own  jewelry. So you have a beauty and comfort at the same time, the ultimate luxury. Her workshop are in Elda and Italy, she just moved to Paris to conquer new lands.
Patricia believes shoes make the outfit alive and  give power to the owner, she looks to create shoes with a soul.
At last I have found a designer that is as spiritual about shoes and fashion like me :)!.
Bravo Patricia!

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