Pierre Herme, The God of Macaroons

Pure Pleasure

Violette Chocolate

Pierre Herme

Fall Winter Collection

I always warn to people who it Pierre Hermé Macaroons that life will not be the same after they get to try these little pleasure bombs (I would dare to say almost erotic). On Christmas Eve after we had a huge diner (Fois Gras, spanish ham, lots of Champagne, Turkey, cheese, cake..) when they take out at the end those macaroons you can’t even think of saying no!…you would be missing a piece of extasis. The reason these macaroons are so good is because their freshness and their unique flavors, each season master Herme creates new flavors to surprise our hearts and taste buds (basilic, rose, fois gras and chocolate, violette casis, among many other) this year I tasted “Olive Oil Mandarine”, I know it does not sound sexy buy believe me it is great. Please if you come to Paris taste them, don’t go to La Durée for Macaroons, just for hot chocolate but not macaroons, if you want to know were to find them please go here.

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