The Beginning of a fashionable adventure

The Day it all began : October 5th 2010

Dita Von Tess & Jean Louis de Castelbajac

Olivia Palermo

Castelbajac SS2011
Kenzo 40 years anniversary
Valentino & those paparazzi’s!
Just some snapshots of one of the most amazing days of my life !!
For a person who has been in Paris 4 years and loves so much fashion, yet never had the chance to be so close this has been simply amazing.  Sometimes thing are easier than you think but you just have to try. That famous day a friend staying at home left her camera, as I went jogging that morning I saw the crowd of the Chanel show, I have never seen such a crowd before, I thought even though I can’t get in, the pictures what happens outside are already great. So I went running home, got the camera as thought I’ve done that all my life, rushed to Castelbajac’s show and between the frenzy I got in!!! no invitation, no friends, nothing, some guts and luck 🙂 !, I got to see Dita, Castelbajac, an amazing show and above all discovered a passion besides fashion : photography. To make it short that day I  met a journalist that helped me get in to the Kenzo show and party, I took amazing pictures outside Valentino (the man himself).
This day is the beginning of my “Fashionable Adventure” and I hope to take you on an amazing ride…

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