Fashion Mementos

Captured Forever

A beautiful accident and a revelation of what I will do with photography and Fashion. This picture is the beginning of my Fashionable Adventure and in a dream world if I ever become known for this passion I think it will be one of the pictures of more value.

Jean Charles de Castelbajac in his SS2011 collection fashion show, the first ever show I ever assisted to, I had no invitation or expectation, just a sense of curiosity and there I was excited as a child trying to master a reflex camera (I have used for a day), I did not know how to use the flash, but I caught the back of Mr. Castelbajac. Who I adopt as my lucky designer because I have had a lot of luck since I went into that show.

Valentino is the second designer that I have ever photographed and it was the day it all began, the Valentino show was the second show I attended that day, I could not go in but by staying around to see what happened after the show I got this shot, that I truly love because how it captures the moment, and of course at that time the only places I have seen Valentino was on TV or a magazine.

A timeless moment taken outside the Christian Dior Haute Couture Show January 2011, as I see the model who came out with intact makeup from the fashion show. I am reminded of the pictures of Irving Penn and William Klein that is why is one of my favorite pictures.

The iconic Karl Lagerfeld arriving to his Chanel Haute Couture Fashion show on January 2011, I had the luck to be just in front of him when he got down and all the paparazzis noticed. I have all the arrival documented here.

The final part of the arrival of Karl, a perfect shot, all the Paparazzis are in front and you perfectly recognize it is Karl Lagerfeld from the back.

I took this picture of Olivia Palermo before even knowing who she was, I just saw that all the paparazzis taking her picture, and I was in the good place and luckily got this shot, which I love because it shows her natural beauty that does not have anything to do with what she is wearing. I found out who she was one month after I saw a picture on Elle.

When I first took this picture I actually though she was holding a book, I thought the game was cool, afterwards I found out it was an Olimplia Le Tan bag, and it inspired one of the first posts I ever made!

The ticket metro, the cigarette and the shoes, they were not posing for me I just saw them there ready to be immortalized by Violeta Purple.

This little episode, the model in her perfect pace and dress almost could not help to fall because the dress was too long, it is something that does happen often in shows with such dresses, it is not to criticize or make fun I absolutely don’t like that,  I just liked how I got the 3 pictures in sequel. The beauty does not go away with a little mistake. And this is part of  Fashion Mementos.

Those eyes, that regard and shy smile are enough to capture Gaspard Ulliel forever.

Lady Gaga at Mugler, just a little moment in fashion history.

Marc Jacobs after the FW 2011 show in Paris

Ana Wintour at the Dolce&Gabbana FW 2011 show, the first time I took the courage to talk to her personally, give her my card and ask her to pose for me :), I got a first smile!!! Important moment in my career, lol!

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