Hakaan FW 2013

The Sexy Future

hakaanIMG_4257 hakaanIMG_4253 hakaanIMG_4270 hakaanIMG_4266 hakaanIMG_4285

Yesterday was the show Hakaan, the turkish designer. Hakaan is sought after and supported by major personalities in fashion starting with Katie Grand that has feature him several times in a very exclusive way in LOVE magazine, he has a close friendship with supermodels like Kate Moss and  Maria Carla Boscono. This facts and of course that he has talent has given him a n enviable place in the fashion world. With a very old parisian setting at the Westin Hotel  he presented his futuristic style collection. He has a unique style that works with lines and mixing, covering and showing in a very sophisticated way, getting a unique effect with the materials and the cuts. Funny story is as I went out just before the show he went out to smoke a cigarette and got to congratulate him in  turkish and got a cool picture but that one I leave for my profile designer part.

Be Futuristic,




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