Cinemagraphs by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg

anna720 Kiss me in Paris Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg (5) Shipwrecked Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg trench_coats_02Old Hollywood Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg (2)

All Images from Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg

I just came cross the amazing work of Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg two artists based in NY, they invented a new format, “Cinemagraphs”  that is between the photograph and a movie, giving classic photographs movement in some way, giving them life. Really original and unique, yes I confess I want to learn to do this! but for the moment I just admire it, it really is extraordinaire, both are also authors of one of my favorite blogs From me to You , which shows a variety of their work not only Cinemagraphs , if you love photography and fashion like I do, I think you will fall in love. This is almost the last post of the year, getting ready to transform and invent new things, I hope you to in any aspect you desire.

Be in the Move,





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