Chanel Haute Couture SS2011 : Logo Mania

Elegant Branding

When I studied my master of Marketing and Management inside the Luxury industry the first thing they thought was to understand the heritage and the core values of the famous luxury brands we know today. Among all the one that stroke me most is Chanel, Gabriel Bonheur Chanel called Coco Chanel, with no education had the marketing vision many would want today. Her trademarks (The camelias, the tweed suit and blazer, her patent leather shoes, her logo and now the lion) have evolved through the years thanks to the limitless creativity of Karl Lagerfeld.  When I was at the Chanel show I was amazed on the number of people who where carrying something with one of the trademarks and in no way any of them was not elegant to the contrary, it was part of their elegance. My favorite was the Russian Babushka bag that really is pure creativity and a timeless collector item, I would buy one and give it to my children one day!!, the one that stroke me most the man with the mink scarf with the logo Chanel, I don’t find it so elegant, but it is not bad, and hey who puts logos on mink these days. The only other brand I think had such a successful logo but did not last long was the Versace medusa, who was a little exagerated but went well with the spirit of the brand. Anyway a logo is a personal, recognizable mark, that represents you, I found mine on the Tulip Head girl design by Olaf Hajek, have you found yours? What is your personal mark?



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