The Beginning of a fashionable adventure

The Day it all began : October 5th 2010

Dita Von Tess & Charles de Castelbajac

Olivia Palermo

Castelbajac SS2011
Kenzo 40 years anniversary
Valentino & those paparazzi’s!
Just some snapshots of one of the most amazing days of my life !!
For a person who has been in Paris 4 years and loves so much fashion, yet never had the chance to be so close this has been simply amazing. ┬áSometimes thing are easier than you think but you just have to try. That famous day a friend staying at home left her camera, as I went jogging that morning I saw the crowd of the Chanel show, I have never seen such a crowd before, I thought even though I can’t get in, the pictures what happens outside are already great. So I went running home, got the camera as thought I’ve done that all my life, rushed to Castelbajac’s show and between the frenzy I got in!!! no invitation, no friends, nothing, some guts and luck :) !, I got to see Dita, Castelbajac, an amazing show and above all discovered a passion besides fashion : photography. To make it short that day I ┬ámet a journalist that helped me get in to the Kenzo show and party, I took amazing pictures outside Valentino (the man himself).
This day is the beginning of my “Fashionable Adventure” and I hope to take you on an amazing ride…
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